Saturday, 18 June 2011

MRSA in Milk, Battle breaks out in Britain. Crooks versus Cranks.

Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, must have remotely disabled the writer's copy and paste. We are not serious, but strange things have become normal around the writer.

It has broken on this particular site today. Even "select all" will not work.

And what a one to miss catching for posterity!

The important National Farmers Union takes on the Independent newspaper this morning over MRSA in Livestock criticising their front page and batch of articles yesterday.

As you can see, the NFU evade answering the allegations.

The writer is now willing to bet that someone now finds more MRSA in Britain and says it is a recent introduction by filthy foreigners.

And to remind you, if you did not know already, that Britain has had MRSA for years, but our hopelessly corrupt government veterinarians brilliantly managed never to find any.

Almost alone amongst civilised nations we were pure and unsullied by MRSA until two separate investigations, one Irish, one British report it in milk on the same day.

Now they all in the kind of mess that could and should have been dealt with years ago by putting Scotland Yard, Britain's top police, into Defra's veterinary deception squad.

It's the cranks versus the crooks in Britain. Neither will win, but decent well balanced people might just come through the middle.

American readers should note that your Maryn McKenna is very creditably representing you in having a major article published in the Independent last week even before this less impressive batch based on information from Britain's well connected and pampered organic industry.

You can find an eleven year history of this scandal on this blog and associated publications

Nobody should miss out on this latest development. It matters, really matters.

and here it is.