Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Antibiotics lead us into death

Realism is beginning to creep into the English language farming media.

This is an animal feed publication with a finger on the button. We can do no better than copy their header.

“Pig Progress” is a part of the same group, published in the Netherlands but with much British contribution, not least from prominent pig veterinarians.

Change is in the air, in most places anyway. Britain remaining a stubborn, very stupid, exception, still following the advice of a corrupt, criminalised, drug revenue dependant, veterinary establishment.

MRSA st398 - "pig MRSA", although not admitted in pigs, is in Britain, but no precautionary measures are taken in British hospitals to deal with pig farmers, pork handlers or veterinarians.

It is a scandal about to break about the heads of Britain's hard pressed NHS (National Health Service) and traceable directly back to the deplorable agriculture ministry, now Defra, and their appalling veterinarians. 

These are the bunglers responsible for mishandling constant animal epidemics, many of which have human health implications and require vast contributions every year from the taxpayer to try to minimise the consequences.

The full article is here

Antibiotics lead us into death
//04 Jan 2012
Author: Dick Ziggers

More people in hospitals become infected with resistant bacteria that doctors cannot treat with antibiotics. In Europe it is estimated that 25,000 people die because of this. Some of the bacteria also occur in the livestock industry, such as MRSA and ESBL... 

...MRSA (Methicilline resistant Staphylocossus aureus) develops on pig farms and with transports of piglets and finishers the bacteria have spread rapidly. About 40% of the pig farmers in the Netherlands carry MRSA-bacteria and if they have to go to hospital they have to be cared for separately and quarantined...

...In order to avoid this horror scenario for other countries, antibiotic use in the livestock industry has to be minimised. This is possible with vaccinations against diseases, better feed and better housing....