Monday, 23 January 2012

Schmallenberg virus

As you can see, already Holland and Germany are getting the blame, in the first sentence, for the spread of this new disease from the Continent to England.

Further down, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, Defra accept that “it is likely that the disease has been present in the UK since last autumn.” Exactly, the time when it was discovered on the Continent.

Having had some experience with Defra, it is just as likely they have been hiding it up for years.

They will give “straight bat” reports in writing and “blame someone else” explanations verbally and off the record, to the media. If they media don’t co-operate, they don’t get any more interviews.

It may be true. It is probably a veterinary disinformation campaign. They have not told the truth, about any animal disease, since they were all caught with amnesia by the Phillips Inquiry over BSE - Mad Cow and had to have their name changed in disgrace,

If it did get to Britain from the Continent, we do not believe the midge explanation, neither does the man or woman that prepared the map for the Guardian. Look at it.

Full report in Britain's daily newspaper The Guardian, complete with a map that suggests a different means of transit. There are similar moves of live exports from southern England to the Continent, unmapped at the moment.

The newspaper report and map is here

Schmallenberg virus confirmed on farms in the UK

The disease, which has spread from the Netherlands and Germany, causes abortions and birth deformities in farm animals
A mysterious virus that causes abortions and birth deformities in farm animals including sheep and cattle has been confirmed in the UK. Four sheep farms in Norfolk, Suffolk and East Sussex are known to be harbouring the disease, which is believed to be transmitted by midges...