Thursday, 5 January 2012

Foston - Protests delay pig farm plans

Councils have to take more notice of a more questioning electorate. That is what a planning consultation is all about.

People are asking questions - and the right ones too.

More by accident than design, Midland have actually admitted that they are testing their pigs for MRSA and say they have found nothing.

Why would they test? Defra's vets have told the world there is no MRSA in British pigs.

Defra don't do much testing and then only when ordered to do so by the EU.

But the veterinarians who screwed Britain up with  BSE, CSF, Foot and Mouth etc. seem confident enough not to need many tests before giving the world assurances that British pigs do not have MRSA.

Defra's veterinarians are not scientists or public servants to inspire much confidence!

And the people of England know that.

Full report here

Public response delays ruling on pig farm plans

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Derby Telegraph

A DECISION on whether controversial plans for a massive pig farm
should go ahead has been delayed because a public consultation into
the proposal attracted thousands of responses.

Midland Pig Producers applied to Derbyshire County Council for
permission to build the farm, which could house up to 25,000 animals near Foston.

The authority received more than 16,000 objections by letter, e-mail
or petition. A list drawn up by the council, outlining the main
objections, shows animal welfare, risk to human health and the spread of disease are among concerns...