Sunday, 3 June 2012

No MRSA in British pigs?

The Veterinary Record, Journal of the British Veterinary Association celebrated Diamond Jubilee day, by covering their front page of yesterday's edition with a photograph of cuddly piglets overlaid with the following legend:

"Investigating the spread of MRSA cc398 between pig farms"

You can see the front cover here

Pig World, here, the same day,  celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Coronation, with the following:

"No MRSA in British pigs

MRSA is not present in the British pig herd. But on the basis that it is prevalent in Dutch pigs, Compassion in World Farming and others think more British pigs should be reared in "well-designed free-range systems and fewer to be kept indoors on concrete without straw".

The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics, which includes Compassion in World Farming and the Soil Association, cite research that shows fewer organic pig herds in the Netherlands are infected with MRSA than conventional pig farms."

So Britain's veterinarians use their front cover to report on a problem Britain does not have according to Britain's pig farmers reporting Britain's government vets?

The Queen is not the only one celebrating today.

The disgraceful behaviour of Britain's government vets over many years, protected by Crown Immunity, is slowly emerging into the public domain in the inevitable scandal.

It has taken a long hard fight, but ultimately there are some things you cannot cover up in a mature democracy.

We now await the Royal Commission of Enquiry with evidence under oath.

God save the Queen!