Friday, 6 July 2012

Antibiotic use will be curbed...unless

Progress in Scotland, but the problem is not with the farmers or producers.

Veterinarians are doing the prescribing and taking the profits, assisted by their cronies and backed by the state veterinary service providing protection by bullying dissenters and whistle-blowers.

We have just heard that the Serious Fraud Office has launched a criminal investigation into the alleged Libor bank rate rigging. 

Antibiotic use in livestock will probably be the next scandal in line for such treatment.

Something has got to be done to protect public health from criminal activity.

Full Farmers Weekly article here 

Antibiotic use will be curbed unless producers show more care

Nancy Nicolson

Friday 06 July 2012 10:02

Antibiotic use will be curbed by knee-jerk legislation unless farmers can demonstrate they are using them more responsibly, scientists have warned.
That was the message at an international conference in Edinburgh, organised jointly by the Moredun Research Institute and NFU Scotland to tackle head-on the threat of EU restrictions in the light of antibiotic resistance in animals and humans...

..."Scotland is a world leader in developing farm veterinary health planning and there is an opportunity now for vets and farmers to take this to the next level...