Thursday, 12 July 2012

ExPEC E.coli story breaking in USA

Maryn McKenna, in association with others, is breaking a big superbug story now in the USA.

This time it is chicken and ExPEC E. coli

8 million E.Coli infections a year in the USA, giving urinary problems, is major news for Britain too, as there is no reason to think Britain is exempt from the problem.

ABC, "Good Morning, America" take here

The short video is well worth watching.

Maryn McKenna's longer article is here

America is waking to the story on breakfast news.

Interestingly, we bump up against medical ethics in the race and necessity of absolute proof.

Although the problem may not be limited to women, the fact that it is presented as such, will undoubtedly bring most women's organisations into the fray.

If Britain's veterinarians think they can slope off from their responsibilities for excessive antibiotic prescription to sick livestock, they are sadly mistaken.

From the top down, they will be required to explain their actions and inaction over the past years.

Some of the answers will shock Britain to the core. Things will never be quite the same again.