Monday, 23 July 2012

Norovirus hits Olympic Games

This is no surprise, the UK authorities have been playing down norovirus outbreaks, for years, in the hospitals, with relations kept from seeing their very ill relatives by soft words and slick PR operations.

Now, if this gets worse, the British government are in deep trouble: well deserved trouble and on the international stage too.

It's not just the cruise industry that is falling apart from constant norovirus outbreaks. See article here

All the past outbreaks will have to be dragged out for re-examination.

And yes, pigs get norovirus too, so Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment will not escape questioning.

Anyway, lets hope the Olympics will not be disrupted by a bug that should have been properly controlled years ago.

Here is the BBC report

23 July 2012 Last updated at 15:25

London 2012: Badminton teams in hotel food poisoning

The infection affected five Olympic hopefuls

Five members of Australia and Canada's badminton teams were among a
number of guests who fell ill with food poisoning at a hotel in

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) investigated when guests had
stomach bugs after eating at the Mickleover Court Hotel, Derby, last

It said norovirus had been identified as the cause of the infection.

The three Australians have fully recovered but two Canadians had to
miss a warm-up match on Saturday...

...The HPA said: "Norovirus has been identified as the cause of the
infection and we are working with environmental health officers from
South Derbyshire District Council to identify the source of the