Saturday, 30 November 2013

E.Coli 0157 - Scotland the worst in the world

The title speaks for itself.

We have long suspected that the animal health and zoonosis situation was much worse in Scotland, especially Eastern Scotland, and we have said as much many times and attracted organised stalking and harassment for the last 13 years.

We were certainly right in the case of E.Coli 0157.

Prof. Sir Hugh Pennington tells us Britain has the highest rate of incidents in the world, with Scotland the worst in Britain and North Eastern Scotland being the worst in Scotland.

Sir Hugh is Britain's top expert on E.coli outbreaks

This is our kids' lives at stake: not least the children of Scotland who are most at risk.

Obviously, this now is a very serious political and criminal crisis over veterinary corruption centred on Edinburgh.

This is the scandal of the century.

The full Food Manufacture report is here, Be sure to read it in full. Especially the penultimate paragraph.

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