Friday, 29 November 2013

The twilight, loony land of our state veterinary service

It is good to see that some farmers now feel able to report the antics of Britain's State Veterinary Service.

Most can't.

They know perfectly well they would be harassed, either directly or by the use of Maff-Defra cronies and front organisations.

We feel for them. They have a vulnerable business to protect and, whatever the law, have little option but to 'put up and shut up.'

We were lucky, not commercial farmers and no longer in business, we promptly appealed to both Mr Speaker and to OLAF for witness protection and made it very clear to OLAF, the serious fraud squad of the EU, that we intended to continue to campaign for state veterinary reform in the UK.

This is, of course, the scandal of the century.

Full 'Western Morning News' article here.

The twilight, loony land of our state veterinary service

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Western Morning News

Once more, we're embroiled in gathering over 300 head of cattle from sprawling miles of moorland, to shove them through the race for yet another TB test...