Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Norovirus - the real reason the fabulous British NHS is collapsing

It was inevitable that one of the main reasons why Britain's prized NHS was on the point of collapse would eventually be exposed.

Every winter Britain's  hospitals fill with Norovirus cases, close wards, deal with extreme squalor and keep the dying from their relatives. They also wind up their PR machine to the point of idiocy.

We suspected the real source of Norovirus some years ago and the following was published in the United States to some acclaim and even an unlikely award:

We worked hard privately to explain to the cruise industry that their problems lay in the local water they innocently shipped on board at departure ports.

The record is all there to be found for those that need evidence.

Much later, we found that the municipal and local water suppliers did not check for Norovirus when supplying water to you, your family, your hospital or indeed cruise liners.

So, cruise liners are the ideal laboratory.

So are earthquakes.

So is the jug of water alongside your hospital sick bed.

It was inevitable that the unexpected would eventually hit the button to accidentally reveal the real reason why Britain's once fabulous NHS  is on the point of collapse.

A New Zealand Master's student Sonali Weerasekara and a journalist on the New Zealand Herald, Matthew Backhouse, pressed that button and they are due sincere congratulations. They will be famous whether they need it or not.