Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cameron back from China to a new animal health embarrassment.

Britain's government veterinarians have been busy in the Prime Minister's absence.

Cameron is due back and by now will know he has been framed into endorsing British pig health in China.

That will cost Defra and the AHVLA dear: the rest of us even more.

Defra's AHVLA (Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency) have been ramping up their PR. Not that PR ever did more than cover up the zoonotic diseases spreading into the wider population.

The veterinarians still manage to praise themselves. They live in cuckoo land.

But you can spot the plot - admit the problems and thrust the responsibility, for a world scale disaster, onto everyone else.

We would not like to numbered among their cronies (aka "stakeholders"). It is the worst place to be. The money has gone, now the cronies pay the bill.

Actually, we agree with that. You do not give losers money. You keep taking it away.

Anyway the headlines from Britain's premier farming papers

Farmers Weekly here

National animal disease detection system tightened

Philip Case
Wednesday 04 December 2013 11:07

An improved surveillance system is being introduced to detect new and re-emerging animal disease threats in England and Wales...

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AHVLA announces shake-up of disease surveillance system

4 December 2013 | By Alistair Driver

THE Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) has announced a shake-up of its animal disease monitoring system that will see the closure of a number of its surveillance sites...