Friday, 6 December 2013

Pig semen exports to China - a massive PR mistake

For whatever reason, Compassion in World Farming has come out against the export of pig semen and trotters from Britain to China.

You can't ignore CWF with supporters like Joanna Lumley!

Well you can, but she has had the head off one Minister already on the Gurkha issue.

It still seems incredible that Prime Minister David Cameron has associated himself with this trade. If you are going to live by Public Relations, you can't afford mistakes like this.

The Daily Mail has picked up on the obvious joke about the fictional "Trotter International Traders", but it still offers plenty of scope for years for critics to lampoon the Prime Minister and Defra, Britain's hapless agricultural ministry.

Perhaps they plan to buy an old creamery to ramp up production?

Economies might mean government veterinarians travelling in Robin Reliants?

Comparisons with Del-boy Trotter and Rodney roles?

But jokes aside, the connection with doubtful products and dodgy dealing is clear:

Britain's pigs have been sick for years with the only export testing station closed through Circovirus contamination.

Britain should not be exporting semen, embryos or live pigs anywhere.

There will be trouble in Downing Street today, when Del Boy catches up with Rodney.