Thursday, 12 December 2013

Get a Vet's Approval to Use Antibiotics?

Tom Philpot has got the killer fact. He has spotted the loophole.

The changes in the USA go nowhere near far enough. Britain will prove that once their real figures surface.

Veterinary prescription and banning growth promotion have no impact, apart from filling veterinary pockets with gold. It may even increase inappropriate use.

It gives it a kind of dubious legitimacy and transfers control of the industry from the farmer to the veterinarian and their battalions of expensive lobbyists, cronies, hangers-on and excusnicks.

It becomes a tax on food supporting an antibiotic prescribing and supporting infrastructure.

And the kids, not least the farmers' own, get ill with antibiotic resistant disease.

Full 'Mother Jones' report here

Will Factory Farms Finally Have to (Gasp!) Get a Vet's Approval to Use Antibiotics?

-By Tom Philpott
| Thu Dec. 12, 2013 3:00 AM GMT

…"Of course, there's little distinction between giving animals small daily doses of antibiotics to prevent disease and giving them small daily doses to make them put on weight. The industry can simply claim it's using antibiotics "preventively," continuing to reap the benefits of growth promotion and continue to generate resistant bacteria. That's the loophole."….