Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Aberdeen, Scotland - E.Coli Hotspot.

Aberdeen is, of course, a world hot spot for E.Coli 0157, and that has been so for many years.

You can find plenty to substantiate this statement, and to explain why the Aberdeen area is so vulnerable, on the newsgroup, going back many years and frequent references here over the last seven years

Even the survivors often can't leave it behind. A troubling story illustrating why I spend so much of my life campaigning and facing down the stalkers, harassers and libellers.

As always, read the Herald news report, in full, here.

E.coli bug student requires a second transplant

claire elliot

Wednesday 19 November 2014

A student needs a second life-saving kidney transplant - after eating a contaminated cheese sandwich as a child.

Lois Reid, 22, contracted e.coli 0157 when she was two and needed a donor organ when she was six, following a string of life-threatening infections and a stroke...