Tuesday, 11 November 2014

MRSA st398 - Veterinarians 'Bigger Profits than Cocaine Dealers'

This long "Der Spiegel" article only came to our attention today, in the gathering storm now spreading to France and Germany over MRSA st398, veterinary misconduct and drug dealing.

It dates to April 2012, but was not originally available in English.

Anyway it arrived on our horizon today. It tells a familiar tale commendably bluntly.

'Bigger Profits than Cocaine Dealers' being merely one quote. It names names and details some of the scams and criminal conspiracies.

The campaign to insist that governments deal firmly with organised veterinary crime has become an international movement.

The British newsgroup uk.business.agriculture is an important resource tracking the crisis and crime wave since 2001.

The amazing Der Spiegel article is here.

Addicted to Antibiotics: How Factory Farm Drug Abuse Makes Vets Rich

By Nils Klawitter

It's no secret that factory farms use unconscionable amounts of antibiotics when fattening up animals for market. In Germany, however, veterinarians play a crucial role in the abuse. Many are getting rich in the process, but the risks to both human and animals are many...

...Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan