Thursday, 13 November 2014

Danish and German Pork containing MRSA found in Swedish stores.

The Swedish news in English: The Swedes, even their veterinarians, admit the main points about MRSA in pigs, whilst rather underplaying the human consequences.

We have long known that type one diabetics, and cancer patients. are especially at risk and that those risks have been played down, especially in Britain. The figure of around 20-25 per cent for Danish
pork with added MRSA agrees with other figures eg in Danish pork to Britain.

The Swedes rightly make the point that mass medication of pig herds with antibiotics (elsewhere - at the command and to the massive profit of veterinary criminals and drug dealers) is banned in Sweden.

They realise that live imports of pigs to their own herds are a big risk and claim to be controlling imports of live pigs (Our note - we doubt that. At best, the accompanying health certificates are recklessly issued by veterinarians.)

So, not so good as Norway, but still more or less on the side of the very few countries that have the measure of organised veterinary crime and the terrible human consequences.  They still can do little to protect their country and stem the tide.

As always read the news article in full here:

Pork containing MRSA found in Swedish stores

Published: 13 Nov 2014 07:31 GMT+01:00
Updated: 13 Nov 2014 09:31 GMT+01:00
A random sampling of Danish and German pork sold in Stockholm supermarkets has revealed the presence of the resistant MRSA bacteria. The study was carried out by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter in tandem with the National Veterinary Institute (Statens

..."It is just a matter of time before Swedish pigs get the bacteria and there is no plan of action," Bj√∂rn Bengtsson of the National Veterinary Institute told Dagens Nyheter...

...Sweden has strict rules regarding the treatment and the importation of live pigs. Sick animals are treated individually, while in many other countries they give antibiotics to both healthy and sick animals...