Friday, 30 September 2011

E.Coli 0157 Britain hides human epidemic for seven months

At a time when Germany and France were publicising E.Coli epidemics, Britain has finally admitted that it covered up an epidemic of a different zoonotic strain, with at least 250 victims, many hospitalised and with one death.

You can read either the public statement from the Health Protection Agency  here

the Guardian's measured tones here

or the Daily Mail's outrage here

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Other information can be gathered from his frequent posts on the controversial British newsgroup, fully searchable through Google Groups

The secrecy will be due to the fear that it would be traced to livestock, so it has not been traced and was kept secret.

The row is just gathering pace now, with politicians, press and public condemning the secrecy.

It is, indeed, quite disgraceful.

The story helps support the writer's eleven year campaign to expose crime and corruption within Britain's veterinary industries and associated government departments.

Much worse is to come.