Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pigs, E.Coli, Antibiotics and Homeopathy

Groan. You can imagine the writer banging his head on the floor.

That’s all we need - attempts to treat E.Coli in pigs with homeopathy. 

The vets stuff them with antibiotics for years and now expect to wave a magic wand over their heads.

Homeopathy does not work on people, never mind pigs.

They must be desperate.  Watch the veterinarians leap on this in the hope of obtaining public support from Prince Charles in Britain!

Let's hope he desists. They don’t allow the internet in the Tower of London. We are talking about the writer being carted off, not His Royal Highness.

Homeopathy as an alternative to antibiotics in diarrhoea in piglets 06 Oct 2010
A research study conducted at the Wageningen University & Research Centre in the Netherlands suggests that homeopathy may be an alternative to antibiotics in neonatal diarrhoea of piglets.
Irene Camerlink, Biological Farming Systems, Wageningen University & Research Centre, published her conclusions earlier this year in the magazine Homeopathy.

As an alternative to the use of antibiotics against diarrhoea in piglets, Camerlink used a homeopathic treatment with 26 gestating sows. This treatment was based on a variety of the bacteria E.coli, causing diarrhoea. A group of 26 additional gestating sows received a placebo...