Monday, 15 October 2012

Badger Cull Scandal and Defra Corruption

We are neutral on the science, and whether that is right or not, but:

1. This suggestion that it is wrong is consistent with debunking all the other cover-ups, where anything but disease passing through excessive movement, or indeed any movements of livestock was responsible for disease spread.

We know Maff-Defra vets have repeatedly promoted anything other than livestock movements for many years, as the cause for every outbreak of anything. They keep getting away with the most outrageous nonsence.

If it was live movements they would have to accept responsibility for lax controls. We were not joking when we said their motto must be:

"Blame someone else preferably innocent." 

now the badgers are the culprit, not Britain's corrupt veterinarians.

2. They cannot go ahead with the cull with this level and number of scientists publicly rubbishing them.

This time they are being faced down not by a sole ex-shipbroker under threats and a barrage of deliberate fabrications from the veterinary industry, their fellow travellers and fan club.

Now, it is their own senior people, and in numbers, telling the world that Britain's government vets have got it wrong and that cattle movements are to blame.

3. A long episode of crime uncontrolled must be just about all over.

We  have long known there were potential whistle-blowers and  supporters in the corrupt British agriculture ministry Maff-Defra.

As any scientific protest gathers speed, they will come out of the woodwork to tell the truth. It is hard to complain against British veterinarians: you suffer terribly for doing so. The stand of these eminent scientists should give new whistle-blowers comfort.

Now, we should all start getting ready for a series of scandals that will rock the world. The key events were in 2000, the subjects the ownership of the pigs in the UK, the husbandry system, circovirus and CSF epidemics. Once that exposure is under way, the FMD fabrications will fall too.

Boring stuff, in detail, but earth shattering too. The scandal goes way beyond Britain.

By that stage full criminal enquiries will be under way and scandal after scandal, some remote from animal health, will emerge.

Badgers are not the issue for us, or politics. Our concern is simple: stopping serious state sponsored crime.

Investigators should not miss the fabrications and defamation published on by stalkers and trace them back to their origins.

Britain's corrupt veterinary industry thinks that slick PR and disinformation can cover up their crimes against both animals and humanity..

They are wrong. This is England.

The important Guardian report in full is here

Badger cull: government accused of failing to properly seek alternatives

Scientist John Bourne, who led landmark 10-year cull says it is cattle that spread TB through the country, not badgers

Ministers are going "nowhere near far enough" in seeking alternatives to the imminent cull of badgers, according the scientist who led the landmark 10-year culling trial that remains the scientific benchmark for the policy.

According to Prof John Bourne, stricter measures to stop cows spreading tuberculoisis to other cows are the only way to combat the disease effectively, as they had in the 1960s when TB was virtually eradicated in England. "Despite some improvements, the government is still going nowhere near far enough with biosecurity", he said. "It is not badgers that spread the disease throughout the country; it is cattle"...