Sunday, 28 October 2012

Even the ashes crumble before state crime

They had seven years warning but allowed live trees to be imported.

First, we lost the elms to imported disease, then the cows to Mad Cow - BSE, the pigs to CSF, the sheep, pigs and cattle  to FMD, then the birds to flu, now we lose the ash trees.

We lose the children and the old people, the sick and the vulnerable to antibiotic resistant disease and worse.

We lose the country that bred, fed and cherished them


History will condemn them as greedy pompous charlatans and criticise us for tolerating their pretensions and gross crimes against humanity.

We live through the age of state sponsored crime and preventable epidemics.

The full Guardian article is here.

Ash dieback fungus will 'change countryside very significantly'

Scientist in charge of tackling fungus that has killed over 100,000 ash trees says there could be serious ecological consequences.