Monday, 29 October 2012

Superbug threat on the rise through farm animals

The real killer fact that takes Britain’s corrupt government veterinarians from alarming levels of incompetence into organised crime is the lack of transparency.

They do not want anyone to know just how much antibiotic they are pouring into British livestock, by species, in order to keep sick beasts alive long enough to get them to slaughter.

They know the day of reckoning will come, so try simply to delay the time when they will be called to account by hiding up the data and allowing private veterinarians to follow their lead.

It has long been clear that events beyond Britain will now determine the inevitable exposure, investigation and prosecution of state sponsored crime in Britain.

Australia has perked up and is asking all the right questions about their own situation.

It's a good article from ABC Australia and should be read in full here.

Superbug threat on the rise through farm animals

By Flint Duxfield
Monday, 29 October  2012 

Doctors say overuse of antibiotics in animals is increasing the threat of human superbugs developing. (Lisa Kingsberry)
Overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is leaving Australians exposed to an increasing risk from deadly superbugs.
Medical experts say there has been a recent rise in superbugs spreading through the food chain due to poor surveillance and regulation of antibiotic use on farms.
Professor Peter Collignon from the Australian National University says there are particular concerns about the use of preventative antibiotics in poultry, pork and cattle feedlots.
"There are too many antibiotics given to animals and even the less-complicated antibiotics are bad, because they drive up resistance through multi-resistance and cross selection for the bad ones."
"We need more transparency to see what is being used and where they're being used because this kills people."...
...Even in Europe, where there are much better health regulations, the World Health Organisation estimates resistant bacteria kills 25,000 people each year....