Saturday, 10 November 2012

Antibiotic use slashed in Netherlands

The Netherlands have again massively reduced their usage of antibiotics in livestock.

Highly detailed species specific figures, including some estimates, have again been published.

In Britain, we do not know what is used in pigs, for example: it is a state veterinary service secret.

It is safe to presume that they are not proud of their record, and that antibiotic use in British pigs is far too high and much higher than on the Continent.

Antibiotic resistance in people is still rising.

Here are the Dutch figures, highly detailed and with comparisons.

MARAN - Antibiotic usage

During the period 2009-2012 the total sales of antibiotics dropped by 51%, from 495 tonnes in 2009 to an estimated 244 tonnes in 2012 (FIDIN, 2012). This already exceeds the policy objective for 2013 set by the Dutch government, i.e., a 50% reduction in antibiotic use compared with 2009. Survey data on antibiotic use per animal species indicate a further decrease in all five livestock sectors examined in the first six months of 2012.