Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Danes Reduce Antibiotic Use in Livestock, Again!

The Danes continue to tighten their rules limiting the use of antibiotics in livestock, not least in their important pig industry.

There has been widespread political support for this move, as something that helps their important export trade.

In pigs, this  includes “treat the animal” instead of “treat the herd.” A practice that will further slash antibiotic use.

The Danes continue to increase their lead in developing husbandry systems that minimise antibiotic use and do not endanger public health.

The issues are publicly discussed and those abusing antibiotics are exposed and publicly named.

How different from secretive shameful Britain under the iron heel of its corrupt agricultural ministry, once MAFF (of Mad Cow fame), now DEFRA.

Details of Danish changes here

Broad political agreement on antibiotics

 2nd November 2012

Efforts on antibiotics strengthened in a number of areas in the new veterinary settlement to counter resistance.