Saturday, 17 November 2012

"Use Antibiotics Responsibly" - National Farmers Union.

The NFU statement is more interesting than it appears. For once, the law in Britain is clearly stated:

"All antibiotics for use in food-producing animals must be prescribed by a vet to animals under his or her care following a clinical assessment, and are supplied by a vet or pharmacist in accordance with the prescription."

Veterinarians have a monopoly on the use of livestock antibiotics in the United Kingdom.

So, there is no argument for blaming anyone other than the veterinarians for wild over-prescription in the pig industry and elsewhere or resulting antibiotic resistance spreading to humans.

Even some smuggling of antibiotics into the UK, merely an "increase the margins" operation, uncovered was mostly to supply veterinarians to their greater profit.

Veterinary "Blame someone else, preferably innocent" extends to blaming farmers for something they can do nothing about.

Farmers have vets on the left, vets on the right, vets blocking the way ahead and blocking any retreat: vets plundering a whole livestock industry.

Vets decide who will be prosecuted for cruelty and who will be excused. They decide who will be prosecuted for not calling a vet or not taking their advice.

The government veterinarians protect a corrupt veterinary industry, able to threaten witnesses to Parliament and OLAF - the serious fraud squad of the European Union, and get away with it.

Britain's corrupt veterinarians run Britain's livestock industries for their profit and in the process endanger the health of British people even those abroad.

Britain is the world's first, only and undoubtedly last vetocracy.

That the NFU, and the NPA spin-off make and publicise a clear statement like this is a sign of the times. We are nearing the end of an era, and the young vets know there is no future for the existing veterinary regime.

Now, they just need courage, or perhaps fear of just what the world is going to do to Britain's veterinarians when they find out just what has been going on here for the past decade and more.

I'm watching America stirring over porcine circovirus, with hints that they got the disease from Europe perhaps Britain. I'm watching the British vets starting to come clean about circovirus.

The British veterinarians won't fancy facing American justice.