Thursday, 8 November 2012

More diseases on way

Well, that's a cheery headline!

It relates to animal diseases finding their way onto these islands

Britain's government veterinarians have now failed so often that they have now lost all confidence in doing their job of protecting Britain from "infection from abroad."

As Shakespeare had it "This fortress built by nature for herself. Against infection and the hand of war"

England loses its natural defences in a flood of veterinary corruption, incompetence and now helplessness.

That's what happens when you fail to identify and deal with the obvious cause, because it might upset your cronies.

International live movements of animals, and the dangers, are almost NEVER mentioned in veterinary sources and that's what gives the game away.

From Circovirus, Classical Swine Fever, through to Foot and Mouth and to more recent incursions some dangerous to humans, the possibility of live imports being responsible is ignored.

Infected live animals allowed into Britain would be the fault of the massive profitable veterinary industry. They mount a continuous PR campaign to make sure the general public never catch on to the risks and damage to animal and human health.

Anyway, if human travel by aeroplane is a cause of animal disease importation, the first people to be thrown out of the airports will have to be the veterinarians. They carry zoonotic (animal disease dangerous to humans) disease and they know it.

Wake up England!

Full Western Daily Press report here

More diseases on way

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Western Daily Press

Rising temperatures, the increased air transportation and more
tourists are likely to lead to another vector-borne disease entering
the UK in the next decade, experts have warned...