Friday, 21 December 2012

Defra - Caught red-handed over MRSA in milk

Things are running red hot in Britain with a pretty selective interpretation of the research from the National Farmers Union  according to Farmers Weekly.

Despite the Farmers Weekly article, MRSA st398 was in fact detected in British milk a long time ago.

The milk is probably fine with pasteurisation, but this massive long running scandal goes far deeper and wider than that, and for very much longer. It is indeed the worst scandal of the 21st. century so far.

British farmers, consumers and trading partners deserve better than this.

MRSA was found in British milk more than three years ago. We told the world, referencing Hansard, Britain's Parliamentary record, on this blog 18 months ago. You can't do better.

Similar material can be found on the British newsgroup at the time.

The roots of this scandal, the culprits, and compensation for the victims, can be uncovered by carefully following the origins of the barrage of manufactured defamation levelled at the writer for the last decade and more.

The archives of the newsgroup, reachable via Google Groups, will be the right starting point for lawyers and statutory bodies, in Britain and overseas.

First, the Farmers Weekly news article today, the full report here:

NFU says milk is safe despite MRSA report

FW reporters
Friday 21 December 2012 12:23

The NFU has assured consumers that UK dairy products are "completely safe", even though scientists have detected the MRSA bug in British raw milk for the first time...


"...scientists have detected the MRSA bug in British raw milk for the first time..." does not seem to be accurate.

The real story is very different and we can quote Hansard the official record of the proceedings of Britain's House of Commons'.

We will send you there via our blog here


MRSA in Milk. British government cover-up

The British government did know that MRSA had been found in British milk nearly two years ago but suppressed the news. No warning was issued.

People have been infected, presumably either during the milking process or drinking the 2 percent of raw  (unpasteurised) milk still available in Britain.

The evidence comes directly from the House of Commons record where the Minister has been questioned by an alert MP last week.

Here is the extract from Hansard ( the official record of the proceedings of Parliament )

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