Thursday, 20 December 2012

Schmallenberg - Not just midges, was it?

As usual, Britain now has to look abroad for proper veterinary science having misled everyone about Schmallenberg Virus (SHV).

Those interested can access dozens of previous posts, using the search function, dating back almost a year, doubting the official, Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, story.

We could save a fortune in costs, direct and consequential, by closing some veterinary schools and importing expertise, instead of disease.

We make things much worse by pouring taxpayers' money into failing professions and employing dodgy civil servants.

Full Promedmail post here

...The current findings, concerning SBV and bull semen, are obviously different. The risk posed by semen and embryos may not be regarded as "negligible" until further studies are accomplished. Results of the ongoing in vitro and in vivo studies, undertaken by the FLI investigators about the infectivity of the SBV-positive semen samples, are anticipated with interest.

As a precautionary measure, several countries, including Australia, Canada, and the USA have already applied restrictions on imports of bovine semen and embryos collected after 1 Jun 2011 from all EU countries. For their list and additional information, see ProMED-mail posting 20121218.1456595.