Friday, 7 December 2012

Veterinarians cease blaming Smallholders

We are not going to name or reference an exact quote for this report.

Any open sign of approval from us might stifle the green shoots of veterinary reform in Britain, and that is the last thing we need.

But it is now being openly admitted by senior veterinarians that small pig keepers pose little risk of spreading disease.

That's a really cheering development.

Many innocent and decent Britons were treated very badly by the "Blame someone else, preferably innocent" school of veterinarianism over the past decade and more.

However, many quite unnecessary restrictions remain on the traditional freedoms of feeding your family from your own production.

They arose from bad science, stupid PR and slamming shut the wrong stable door.

Decent people in Britain have given up much loved livestock activities simply because they could not face the restrictions and the resulting abuse of their freedoms.

The veterinarians, as a group, caused these unnecessary impositions, so it is now their job to make sure they are removed from the smallholders and hobbyists.

If you have hurt the innocent, part of the reform process is remedying the wrongs.

There is self-interest involved too, clean isolated small herds (and flocks) may provide the seed stock to re-establish disease-free larger livestock farms.

Anyway, it is a good day for freedom and of light following a long darkness.