Friday, 21 December 2012

MRSA st398 found in our milk

The Daily Mail headline this morning sums it up:

"MRSA found in our milk: Superbug strain can cause serious infections in humans and is resistant to antibiotics"

Full report here

The text contains the following words

"MRSA ST398 was first seen in pigs in Holland in 2003. It has since become epidemic in European and North American pig populations and has spread to poultry and cattle"

Regular readers will know that MRSA st398 ( MRSA cc398 )in British pigs has been discussed  on the newsgroup for many years with many thousands of postings.

It is the international record, available safe from tampering by the British government, claiming that MRSA st398 has been in Britain for years and has been illegally covered up, by Britain's agricultural ministry, once MAFF, now Defra.

Britain's veterinary industry has some explaining to do. And judging by the reports so far, they are not doing very well.

Hinting that the Dutch were to blame is not going to work.

"Blame someone else, preferably innocent," is not going to cut any ice either with those blamed and intimidated, including witnesses and whistle-blowers to Parliament, even less with the relatives of those infected with MRSA st398.

That is another huge bill for compensation the British taxpayer is going to have to face due to animal disease infecting humans.

Investigators will find invaluable (use Google Groups to search for multiple searches as "MRSA st398" brings many results.)

This blog is also a source, free of interference since its restoration by Google.

The first reports in the media of MRSA st398 in British milk including the Daily Mail appeared 18 months ago, but the subject was dropped. The writer was complaining about the lack of reporting of MRSA st398 in British pigs years before. Nothing was done to protect other species, exports of live beasts or the British public.