Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MRSA in British pigs harmless to humans?

This quite extraordinary statement was given and published in the Republic of Ireland by a prominent British porcine vet.

Apparently it is OK to publish information in the Republic of Ireland
presumably based on data collected by British civil servants at British taxpayer's expense and refused to the British public for months on end by Britain's corrupt government vets.

Is it correct?

Who knows?

Pig health is a state secret in Britain.

Complainants, terrorised by the servants of the state, are wrongfully refused protection by the Speaker of the House of Commons when they give evidence to the Mother of Parliaments of civil service corruption.


Tuesday May 19 2009

The Department of Agriculture is to launch a new salmonella scheme in
a bid to tackle worrying levels of the disease in the national pig

(Editor's Note - reference is to the Irish pig herd)

...Meanwhile, Steve McOrist, from the University of Nottingham in
Britain, told the symposium that the results of the EU studies raised
the question of whether a programme that attempted to reduce
salmonella on pig farms would have any real benefit to humans...

...The British academic also said that a strain of MRSA found to be
present in the nose of 1pc of pigs is not related to MRSA in humans
and that no human death had ever been attributed to this strain.