Saturday, 23 May 2009

MRSA - A decade of crime

It is very noticeable that the claim by a prominent British pig
veterinarian that British pigs have MRSA has not been repeated in the
British media. Indeed it seems to have been deliberately cut from
reports of the meeting carried in the United Kingdom.

It was made at a conference in the Irish Republic and recorded in the
Irish national press.

The claim is doubtless correct, although the one percent seems far too low and any suggestion, that there are no human health issues, unbelievably complacent.

"The British academic also said that a strain of MRSA found to be
present in the nose of 1pc of pigs is not related to MRSA in humans
and that no human death had ever been attributed to this strain."

That's not what other very serious and senior scientists suggest.

Serious corruption is not confined to the House of Commons.

When the British government is deliberately withholding information,
relevant to public health from the public, and with the collusion of
much of the agricultural and veterinary press, we have good reason to be worried.

Britain has a long and dishonourable record of hiding serious animal
and zoonotic health problems from its own people by bullying and
threatening the media.

Now, they lose control, thanks to the Internet and Google and the
newsgroup - - where a decade of criminal
activity is recorded - and available for the world to search and see.

Britain's corrupt State Veterinary Service will be held to account
before the Courts and world opinion.