Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Swine Flu - the name game

The Swine Flu name game continues, but may now have more significance.

On BBC TV lunchtime today both the British Home Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer, Liam Donaldson, referred to H1N1 as "Swine Flu."

The front cover of the government booklet being sent to every home refers to "Swine Flu."


It does seem odd. The WHO gave in to pork lobby pressure to only use "H1N1", and they made a great song and dance about the change, as did President Obama.

But Britain won't change.

That's not like official Britain, is it? The man in the street may not be influenced; but governments normally follow United Nations guidance.

It may well reflect tensions between the medical professions and the vets over MRSA and C.Diff in the pigs leaking into the hospitals.

There is considerable evidence to support this.

HM Customs & Excise were obviously instructed not to dispute the origins of the CSF and FMD epidemics with Maff-Defra, the agricultural ministry, despite Customs being made the scapegoats.

The government could never have kept the medical profession quiet over MRSA st398 for this long without a direct order from the top.

The medical boys knew. They were actually sitting on committees being induced to assist the cover-up and acquiesce in cover stories by the government veterinarians.

The government were quietly running down the size of the State Veterinary Service and removing, very discretely, their authority.

They have been doing so for some years and the writer has frequently publicly complained that it was too slow a process.

The British Government may have come to the same conclusion. The advent of swine flu makes veterinarians far too dangerous as employees to support or protect.

They are right. Their vets are serial offenders and we have had far too many bent vet diseases in Britain accompanied by oppression and intimidation.

That cannot continue through a human pandemic.

The government veterinarians are far more dangerous than the pigs. The pigs get culled or eaten, the vets live on at public expense to re-offend.

-- Regards Pat Gardiner
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