Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swine Flu - Eton Closes

Disease is no respecter of person.

Which is why the writer can look any pig farmer in the face over Britain's constant animal health disasters.

They have been caused by corruption in Britain's State Veterinary Service.

It could be their kids. In fact, for some zoonotic diseases, including
MRSA, as the Dutch experience shows, it is more likely to be their kids.

We cannot allow a decade of veterinary corruption and associated
intimidation to be covered up by Westminster.

Eton closes as boy has swine flu

Tamiflu tablets are prescribed for people with swine flu.

Public school Eton will close for a week after a pupil tested positive
for swine flu, a school spokesman has said.

It comes after health officials announced a further 17 people in the
UK were diagnosed with the virus, taking the total number of cases to

Fourteen of the new cases - 13 children and one adult - are part of an
outbreak now totalling 64 cases linked to Welford Primary School in

Welford is carrying out a "deep clean" while closed for half-term.