Wednesday, 6 October 2010

British Government urged to tackle MRSA in livestock

The issue of MRSA in pigs has been dragged to the table in Britain, yet again. 

This time by the publication in Farmers Guardian to the direct attention of farmers.

Government urged to tackle MRSA

THE Government should pay attention to the possibility that farm-animal MRSA could emerge as a major new reservoir of human infections in Britain.

The warning has been sounded in a letter to the Daily Telegraph signed by leaders of farming pressure groups, researchers and celebrities, who said while hospital infection rates were falling, MRSA in pigs and poultry had increased dramatically.

They claimed scientists had said it was due to the conditions in which animals were kept, the inclusion of antibiotics in their feed and the trade in live animals.

They added: “A first essential step is the introduction of a comprehensive testing programme for pigs and poultry...