Sunday, 31 October 2010

MRSA st398 - Bill Marler reports

The influential "food poisoning lawyer Bill Marler has published a new extensive article on MRSA,  including MRSA st398.

His article, as one might expect, includes comment on transmission to humans via food, including a case study. It contains information previously unknown.

In an article, sometimes reading like a roll call of the United Nations, Britain is, as usual, missing.

Even for those naive enough to believe the assurances given by Defra, the British agricultural ministry renamed after the Mad Cow scandal, that British livestock is clear of MRSA, the issue of MRSA contaminated meat is still relevant.

Because the authorities have apparently failed to find any MRSA  in a few barn dust samples reluctantly taken when ordered by the EU, that is used to support claims that British livestock is free of MRSA?

We need a few more lawyers taking notice of just what has been covered up in Britain for the last decade.

BSE should have been the wake-up call, let alone Circovirus, Classical Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth outbreaks in the last decade. There were, and are, others too.

Animals, just like people, do get ill, but not on this scale and with so much secrecy.

We need reform now and if it has to be sued and prosecuted into Britain's corrupt vets, so be it.

Read Bill Marler's article here

Commenting on an outbreak in the USA:

...It appears that MRSA-contaminated food was the vehicle in this outbreak affecting low-risk persons within the community, and that this food was likely contaminated by a healthy carrier whose only apparent exposure were visits to a possibly infected relative in a nursing home. This outbreak could be a health-care-associated infection that spread to the community. The outbreak strain of MRSA, however, was resistant only to penicillin and oxacillin and was sensitive to all other antibiotics tested. A strain originating in a health-care facility more likely would have been a multidrug resistant organism...