Friday, 15 October 2010

Netherlands - Disappointing antibiotic figures from Holland

If this is the situation in Holland, where the facts are widely reported and everyone well aware of the seriousness of the dangers, it is not very encouraging.

Goodness knows how bad it is in secretive Britain, where figures and facts are hard to come by.

Here, the government veterinarians regard test faking, holding back information and wild PR as legitimate solutions to animal health epidemics.

They still refuse to test the pigs for MRSA st398 despite growing public pressure from eminent scientists.

The world, not just the increasing number of campaigners, will want believable explanations.

There aren’t any that exonerate the vets. They are responsible for these crimes against humanity.

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15 Oct 2010

Antibiotics use in the intensive livestock industry in the Netherlands has come down in 2009 – in comparison to 2008. It is, however, still higher than in 2007.

... figures show that antibiotic use in broilers and finisher pigs has come down slightly over 2009, after a rapid increase in the previous years. Antibiotic use in sows and piglets, however, has increased after a small decrease in the years prior to that. In dairy cattle, antibiotic use decreased for the first time.

All in all, 2% less antibiotics were sold than in 2008.

The reduction is too small to achieve the Dutch authorities’ target to meet 50% reduction by 2011. Optimists refer to the best achieving farms using up to 90% less antibiotics.

For the whole of the EU, it was decided that per January 1, 2007, antibiotics were no longer allowed as growth promoters. ...