Saturday, 23 October 2010

Danish doctors want trade in MRSA hit pigs halted

More reports from Denmark show pressure for action on MRSA  in pigs from the medical profession is growing.

As you can read, (mechanical translation) they want trading in MRSA infected pigs halted.

Trading, not only within Denmark, but across international borders, continues despite the known risks to human health.

Fødevareminster Henrik Hoegh (V) will not halt trading than MRSA-infected pigs or require screening here and now

He admits it is high time to do anything about MRSA in agriculture. But only when he sees the outcome of a research project on MRSA in agriculture, he is ready for action.  It is completed by the end of 2011.

Have not done anything

 One of the leading researchers in staphylococci, a professor of microbiology and Dr. Hans Jørn Kolmos from Odense University Hospital, is surprised that neither the authorities or agriculture has done nothing to eliminate the problematic bacteria in the stables:

 - We now have a couple of years called for research showing how widespread this problem is in Danish piggeries.  But it has not been studied.  Perhaps it is because once you have defined the problem, then you also have to do something about it.

Hans Jørn Kolmos think the authorities should tackle the source of infection before the problem grows even bigger...