Saturday, 13 December 2014

Denmark allows pig farmers to drop MRSA test.

The Danes are really desperate to hide the extent of MRSA in pigs and pig farmers, their staff and families, and veterinarians.

Not quite as desperate as Britain, where the veterinary establishment are so terrified of the public reaction, that they still claim no MRSA st398 has been found in any pigs on the island of Great Britain (Northern Ireland recently admitted some MRSA in piglets.)

We were amused to see the concluding references to Christmas on the Danish report.

Britain's dreadful manipulative agricultural ministry actually managed to announce on Christmas Day 2012 that the English milk supply was contaminated with MRSA st398.

We must make quite sure that they are questioned on that pantomime when they are finally called to account.

That story is here

A very nice Christmas present for the people of Britain from the protectors and cronies of drug dealers!

Over to Denmark and their brand of festive cheer. You can read the latest report here, be sure to read in full. It could be a seasonal comedy if it was not so serious.

Governing allows farmers to drop MRSA test

DVFA accept if pig farmers do not want to participate in a study ofresistant MRSA bacteria in the Danish stables. The investigation isdelayed.

By Adam Fribo December 10, 2014 at. 06:00

It is up to the farmers' own good conscience whether they will let DVFA make the samples should shed light on how widespread MRSA bacteria is in the Danish pig farms. According to an internal email correspondence from the DVFA, as journalists Nils Mulvad and Kjeld
Hansen had access.

"Legally, we are entitled to to force us access to this control. But it has been decided that we so far will not by force us access to the herd owners' desire, "it said in an email from 18 June.

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Veterinarian Stig Mellergaard from DVFA explains that it did not intend to force farmers to participate as pig-MRSA is not a particularly dangerous bacteria...