Friday, 12 December 2014

Pig MRSA - Danes bring the auditors in.

We are seeing new developments in the fight against livestock related disease, superbugs, in many countries including Britain, where the government brought in an economist, and now in Denmark where the auditors are on the job.

This whole business started for us when we tried to stop a British government veterinarian faking a test during an epidemic. It was obviously a routine practice. That is when the abuse, threats, libels and cover-ups started for us.

Since, we have learned that the veterinary industry worldwide is not just awash with drugs and drug dealing, but also with faked documents, fiddled figures and statistics, and constant disinformation. In short, organised veterinary crime misleading government and public.

If we want to stop it, government has to bring in the forensic auditors, not just to add up the cash, but to check the veterinary reports, facts and figures. The public statements are hopelessly inconsistent and contradictory.

It is a good development: too late, too slow, but still warmly welcomed.

From Denmark, we get the latest, of which we just quote a small part, be sure to read (mechanical translation) in full here:

National Audit dissects Food Administration in case of pig-MRSA

National Audit Office is surprised to Management Agency has not worked.

Signe Thomsen 

Journalist and on duty

National Audit Office has the past three months performed a feasibility study of the Food Agency's efforts to combat resistant bacteria from agriculture, including the multi-resistant pig MRSA.

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The feasibility study is now leading to the National Audit Office will put a bigger investigating around in time, which is expected in autumn 2015.

"We believe that there are grounds to investigate the area further," said press officer Lisbeth Sørensen without wanting to get in on what it specifically for the characteristics that the National Audit Office will proceed with the case.

"We give our opinion not on the background, and we can not get into the ministries and agencies that will be involved in the investigation."

Professor Welcomes investigating around

In connection with the inquiry was launched, said the National Audit Office in an email to Politiken that it was the marked increase in the number of Danes who become infected with porcine MRSA, and a growing use of antibiotics in particular pig production - which can lead to the development of resistant bacteria - that got that body to take an interest in the matter.

National Audit Office had taken careful note of that, although the Food Administration since 2008 has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce the prevalence of resistant bacteria from agriculture, they do not leave to have worked. The feasibility study should, among other things to identify whether there was reason to scrutinize whether the Food Ministry has spent taxpayers' money in the best way or not, and the National Audit Office has therefore decided that there is a reason...