Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pirbright Blunders "Does British Agriculture have a Death Wish?"

The answer to the question posed by Prof Richard Ebright "Does British agriculture have a death wish?" is "No."

British farming is preyed upon by a veterinary elite, that has long since lost any sense of integrity.

British livestock farming suffers by being effectively, albeit inefficiently, controlled by a corrupt and incompetent government ministry, aided by a huge number of dependent quangos, bullies, cronies, dubious charities and creepy publicists.

It is an empire of crime, propaganda and secrecy. Farmers dare not speak out and their organisations, who should be protecting them, are, by and large, useless.

Vastly expensive Maff-Defra, and its multitude of name changing institutions, are now so appalling that root and branch reform is quite inevitable.

Be sure to read the Guardian report, in full, here. We just give a single quote that took our eye:

"The problems at the AHVLA, now the APHA, may be tougher to solve though. “As long as the management remains, the same problems will recur,” Ebright said. “You either close the facility, redirect it or rebuild it, starting with new management. It’s not the managers who send out putatively inactivated anthrax, but they have allowed that to happen. There has to be accountability all the way to the top.”

Revealed: 100 safety breaches at UK labs handling potentially deadly diseases

Blunders led to live anthrax being posted from one lab and holes being found in isolation suits at a facility handling Ebola-infected animals.

Ian Sample, science editor

Thursday 4 December 2014 12.31 GMT