Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Denmark-MRSA boom: not only a problem for pig farmers

Danish TV helps kill the calumny that the writer does not have the real interests of pig farmers and veterinarians at heart.

They, with their families, are the most at risk from MRSA cc398.

It is  nice to do something for others, especially at this time of year, even if they struggle with mixed feelings on the need for change, the potential loss of income and even livelihood.

People always struggle with change and usually blame anyone other than themselves. We have more sympathy with those directly involved than those who, from choice, deliberately choose to support and encourage damaging activities, often using illegal means.

However, events are now moving so quickly, the veterinarians will have to change tack.

(Note: As usual the 'BBC 'is a mechanical mis-translation for Danish TV, be sure to read in full and follow some of the links.)

The Ingineer also has yet another article and is trying to suggest some solutions here.
and here is Danish TV quoted below. Be sure to read in full.

MRSA boom: Therefore swine bacterium not only a problem for pig farmers

Grabbers authorities no action, even more Danes being hit by MRSA, concludes experts and report.

22 DEC. 2014 PM. 15:00

In 2014, 694 people have been infected with swine bacterium MRSA. Thisis the highest number ever.

By Nicolas Stig Nielsen

The number of Danes infected with swine bacterium MRSA CC398 is steadily increasing. 
The bacterium was first discovered in 2007, when 14 people were diagnosed with the bacterium, while 694 people have been diagnosed with the disease in years.

And is not done nothing to stop the bacteria, then more - also Danes without direct contact with pigs - being hit...

...It appears from the report that an expert committee appointed by the Minister of Food, Dan Jørgensen (S) and Health Minister Nick Haekkerup (S) has prepared.
- Among people who have no contact with pigs, there will be an increasing frequency in the long run, the report reads.

Expert: high time something happens

One reason is that employees in and around pig herds will become infected - and they will pass on infection to people outside farming...

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- In the same period there has been a fourfold increase in piggeries, we have seen a tenfold increase in humans. We have seen a number of serious infections and five deaths. Now it is high time we get something done about this problem, says Hans Jørgen Kolmos BBC News.

May cause severe infections

It's Statens Serum Institut, which keeps track of the number of diagnosed. Here Consultant and Area Manager Robert Leo Forestry been with the group of experts about the report. He states that it is primarily people who work in live pigs, which are at risk of being hit, and the vast majority of infected people do not get infections, but:

- The problem occurs if one comes in and needs surgery, and you do not get treatment in advance to ensure that the bacteria can not enter. So you risk serious infections, he explains to BBC News.

And that one should take infection seriously backed by Westh looking MRSA Knowledge Centre at Hvidovre Hospital.

- The (infected with swine bacterium MRSA, ed.) Is a risk of becoming seriously ill - and a risk to other patients.

The greatest risk in the country

The risk of being hit depends in general on where you live in the country. Particularly vulnerable are people living close to pigsties.

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- The investigation that we have made show that if you live in rural areas, has up to 2.5 times more likely to carry the bacteria, says Robert Leo Forest and stresses that it is not the same as an infection...