Monday, 29 December 2014

Denmark - Pig MRSA - Government veterinarians to blame.

The Danes have reached the obvious conclusion.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the veterinarians and, in particular, the government veterinarians, are primarily responsible for the recent zoonotic disease epidemics endangering human health, worldwide.

Identical conclusions are emerging in Denmark, as elsewhere.

Fiery stuff! Be sure to read in full here.

The gathering international storm is now off Britain's shore.

The British equivalent, Defra, and accompanying veterinary nightmare, will have to be totally purged and reformed.

MRSA scandal created in the Ministry of Food

Published December 28, 2014 | By Kjeld Hansen

National Audit dissects the coming months ( Pol. 12/11/2014 ) Ministry of Food scandalous handling of the exploding MRSA epidemic, and from the outset the arrow will point toward the ministry vets who the real culprits.

Why is a veterinarian, the most appropriate to protect public health against resistant bacteria pig? ...

...Why has Health Minister Nick Haekkerup (S) less influence on the protection of public health than a veterinarian?...

...In reality the National Audit Office move the focus to the Ministry of Health and ask Health Minister Nick Haekkerup: Why leaving you responsible for the Danish population's health and infection risk to a handful of veterinarians? There is the real scandal.