Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Britain and MRSA LA-MRSA - latest

Don't know anything, don't want to know anything, never will know anything. 

It adequately covers this British government report.

Britain's veterinary industry obviously know how they are going to get caught hiding up MRSA st398.

Britain's competitors have long ago become curious about how Britain should have achieved the apparent miracle of avoiding LA- MRSA for so many years.

One can well imagine that freezers all over the developed world are stuffed with samples of British pork awaiting the day of judgement

..."There was discussion on the role whole genome sequencing might play in revealing the direction of travel of MRSA."...

You would laugh at this next quote were it not so serious. Yes, 15 years to consider a report and then they are more curious about everyone else's situation rather than Britain's.

..."The group commented on this proposal, and suggested that such a
review should follow on from the 1999 ACMSF report and in particular
should incorporate recent findings from countries outside the UK."...

Then we get a ridiculous dismissal of the Jim O'Neill report on the cost in human deaths and money of antibiotic resistance.

..."The Jim O'Neill led group is approaching the issues surrounding AMR
from an economic perspective and as such their work is aimed at a
different audience."...

What audience is this group supposed to be addressing?

Anyway you can read the whole sad story here.

Antimicrobial Resistance Working Group meeting 17 December 2014

Last updated:  9 March 2015
Summary of the 6th meeting of the group

Update on MRSA in the food chain