Thursday, 19 March 2015

Denmark - We need antibiotics completely out of the pig sties.

Pretty important stuff, common-sense too, from Denmark and the respected Ingineer.

Now they just have to pluck up the courage to do it, in Denmark and in silent secretive Britain.

At least Denmark has the guts to admit they have a pig health problem and many of their top scientists have the courage to speak out against government inaction.

How unlike like Britain where her scientists are scared stiff of corrupt Defra, Britain's bullying agricultural ministry, its veterinarians and its cronies.

Still, the day will come when they will all be called to account. The rush to give Queen's Evidence will be breathtaking.

Be sure to read in full here -

Resistance researchers: We need antibiotics completely out of sties

A decrease of 15 percent in the consumption of antibiotics for pigs is too little. If only pigs are allowed to die anymore, it is possible to almost eliminate drugs in the stables.

By Magnus Bredsdorff March 19, 2015 at. 11:33

Antibiotics should be virtually eliminated in the Danish pig farms, and it can easily be done.

So says two of Denmark's leading researchers in resistant bacteria. The hoses both out after the action plan , as food minister Dan Jørgensen (S) on Wednesday presented and Minister sold to the media in that would cut 15 percent of antibiotic use in 2018...

"In my ideal world must antibiotics completely away from the stables. If we three years can halve consumption, then it is a beginning, "says Professor and Consultant Westh looking Knowledge Centre for MRSA at Hvidovre Hospital...