Thursday, 26 March 2015

MRSA in Pigs - Facts and figures from Denmark

We reference the usual capable report from Kjeld Hansen.

Elsewhere, as well, we are getting information of the high incidence of MRSA in German pig herds. From what we have, it does not look any better than Denmark.

Britain, in theory, remains a mystery. There are few reliable facts and figures: deliberately, no doubt.

However, some of the Scottish pig producers, worried about MRSA,  are complaining about the wisdom of the big international genetics companies in moving live breeding stock and semen from Denmark to Scotland. We have heard this complaint before.

We may be seeing the final days of the current pig production and distribution systems in Europe and elsewhere.

Change is inevitable: in provision of clean starter stock, reduced movement of pig genetics between countries, and, indeed, the actual husbandry.

The first, clean starter stock, will be associated with new high health pig production in remote locations - top science bringing prosperity to islands such as Islay and Bornholm .

The second, free movement of genetics and live animals between countries has to be curtailed and the reduced volume allowed must be closely controlled - a clean health certificate has been shown to be inadequate in preventing the export and import of disease.

Finally, the husbandry will have to be antibiotic free and with fewer pigs in more locations. The pigs and the larger number of small premises, in future perhaps, owned by the actual farmers. External visitors will be discouraged to reduce footfall though the farms. Pork will be more expensive: farming safer and more secure.

Anyway, here is Kjeld Hansen giving a view from Denmark with lots of figures. Be sure to read in full, here.

MRSA epidemic and cut pigtails hitting exports of Danish pork to Sweden

Published March 26, 2015 | By Kjeld Hansen

The highly critical mention of Danish pork in Sweden now appears clearly in Danish exports to the neighboring country. Sales of Danish meat cuts have dived sharply... 

...The publication of a number MRSACC398-related deaths in Germany will undoubtedly attract critical attention in terms of exports of live pigs to Germany. From Denmark alone sent 11 million. pigs to Germany each year, and probably at least two out of three (68
percent.) carriers of MRSACC398...