Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pig MRSA and Zinc Oxide - Dangers for Humans

We do not know the situation in Britain. The increasing problem of zoonotic diseases on British farms and in British livestock and food has been covered-up and lied about for many years.

So we look to 'free speech' Denmark for information.

Denmark is far from perfect, they even arrest journalists covering the story, but at least discussion and publication is allowed on most aspects of the problem, despite the horrific economic and employment implications for a country living off the hog's back.

Politiken publishes a major article today dealing with the risks associated with feeding zinc oxide to pigs. The article in full is here.

MRSA thrives on popular zinc-drug for pigs

Medical zinc is more popular than ever, but increases the risk tohumans.

Simon Reenberg SIMON REENBERG Journalist
Jacob Friberg Nielsen JACOB FRIBERG Journalist

And zinc is popular among pig farmers. The consumption of the drug Zinc oxide has more than tripled since DVFA records began in 2005. In 2014, consumption rose to unprecedented heights with 412.4 tonnes of zinc.

It shows a new report from the Food Authority, which Politiken's possession.

But the increasing zinc consumption is not safe for people. In fact, bacteria fight even better conditions for the antibiotic-resistant bacterial pig-MRSA, which is also resistant to zinc...

..."When the zinc inhibits the growth of other bacteria, it makes room for the MRSA bacteria thrive," explains Westh, professor at MRSA Knowledge Center.

And it is an overlooked problem, says professor of microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark, Hans Jørn Kolmos:

"Zinc consumption for pigs is a major problem for people because it cultivates MRSA in pigs, which are transferred to the people and give

You can find a similar story here: also published today and with a startling graph and worrying statistics.