Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spain - HEV, HIV and pigs

We have long been writing about Hepatitis E (HEV)  moving from pigs into the general population. A typical article dealing with HEV in Irish blood transfusions last year is here.

Now we hear from Spain about additional risks to people infected with HIV.

The pigs have to be made healthy again.You can see the case for genuine 'high tech' high health pig farms in remoter locations, as is proposed for Scotland on Islay, and Denmark on Bornholm, strengthening by the day. The healthy pigs bred away from sick herds can be used to repopulate a failing industry nationally re-organised in less risky ways.

Currently, the pigs are sick and a danger to human health. The problems have to be tackled: they won't go away without effort.

The need will provide the motivation and the finance. The many high status jobs and the more humble will be welcome and a good counter to areas of depopulation.

Anyway, you can read about the latest news about Hepatitis E  dangers to HIV infected people here on ProMed.

Published Date: 2015-03-14 22:52:03

Subject: PRO/EDR> Hepatitis E - Spain: HIV infected individuals 

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