Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Denmark - Doctors have to perform in Space Suit - pig MRSA

The situation over MRSA in pigs and pig people gets ever more serious.

The Danes and their media are rightly concerned.

Britain continues to be in denial.

Her veterinarians, pig farmers, workers and their families are at the greatest risk.

The full Politken article is here. Please bear in mind that the quotes are a mechanical translation.

Board of Health: Doctors have to perform in space suit

Authority regrets that patients with pig-MRSA feel stigmatized.

SIGNE THOMSEN Report and on duty.

When shed workers and other people who are infected with the multidrug-resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398 are admitted to hospitals throughout the country, is there a special procedure in

When operating personnel have extra protection - a sort of space suit - on and on planned operations put the patient at any time as the last of the day's program, so the room can be extra clean by the patient.

During admission, he or she receives an isolated room with private toilet and will be instructed not to move around the hospital.

Skilled farmer Kenneth Sorensen, 33, was due to his past work in a pigsty permanent carrier of the bacteria for two years, and several times he experienced at the hospital to be exposed to the guard, to be undertaken when a MRSA-infected being hospitalized.

"I felt that I was treated like one with plague. The doctors stood in the space suit with visor, and no shook hands with me. Both my boyfriend and I were shocked by the reaction of the hospital staff, "he said earlier today in an article in Politiken.

But it can not be otherwise, is the message from the Health Protection Agency.

"We take it very seriously with the risk of stigma and discrimination...