Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Neighbours to pig farm fear MRSA

The same kind of dispute over the pig industries' desire to build ever larger indoor units blew up in England a few years ago. The dispute accidentally threw up the information that private testing for MRSA in British pigs had been going on for some time.

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In Denmark, there is no dispute. The pigs carry MRSA st398 and the argument now centres on just how many human deaths it will cause and what, if anything, to do about it.

It is a much more productive argument over a serious problem.

As always, read the whole report (mechanical translation from the Danish) here.

Neighbors to pig farm fear MRSA

The fear of being hit by swine bacterium MRSA has seized an entire community in Central Zealand.

Pigs bacterium MRSA has so far cost four deaths at home and the fear of being infected has seized an entire community in Central Zealand.

By Kim Palm

The fear of being hit by the multidrug-resistant swine bacterium MRSA, which has so far led to four deaths in Denmark, has taken a whole community near Great Merløse Zealand and is also subject to political reading of a meeting in Soro tonight.

"When the wind is in the wrong direction, we will carefully consider whether we dare go out of the house" LAUGE LARSEN, NEIGHBORING PIG

Specifically, council members treat an environmental permit from one of Zealand's largest pig Kim Kjaer Knudsen. He wants to build a large barn when he wants to increase fivefold its pig for an annual production of 40,000 pigs and 20,000 finishers.

60 neighbors protested. They fear increased pollution and especially being infected with MRSA...